September 24, 2023
Disadvantages of Being an Accountant

Disadvantages of Being an Accountant

Being an accountant means that you have a respectable profession because you will be solving a lot of money problems for different companies. And any company that has a good accountant will also see great successes in the future because doing great business is a all about having money and the circulation of money is in a smooth flow. Accountants are highly paid and they have different benefits as well, there are even accountants who can work from home and from anywhere. Accountant are very much in demand because businesses are increasing day by day and each company might not need much employees but they will always an accountant.

This field seems like it has many advantages and it actually has but nothing is perfect and if you are a new accountant, this might sound bad but this field also had different drawbacks as well. First advantage that we mentioned that they can work from anywhere is a drawback in itself. We said it because an accountant has to work for long hours and even sometimes from home as well. You can say that a regular employee has weekends off but an accountant doesn’t have a single day off that is because all the company’s money is managed by him/her.

Take this for an example if you want to know that why they have long working hours, one day you are working and you forgot to enter the 150 AED bill that was used for buying paper for the printer and at the end of the day when you are about to close the office, that 150 AED is missing and you have to calculate the whole day’s expenses and incomes and if you still don’t remember when and to whom you have given this amount. It can drive you nuts and it can be very frustrating as well. This clearly means that how and why they have to work extra hours and why you have to extra attentive when dealing with money at all times.

Why accountants have big salaries? That is because they have to study for many years and books of accountancy are very expensive and if they find a job that is low paid, you can get disappointed as well. But this field is promising, one day or someday you will hit a jackpot. You can get the best accounting services in Dubai and some services also provide ICV certificates as well.